Pastoral Council

Our Lady of the Valley
Pastoral Council Meeting Minutes
September 28, 2016

-    Present: Father Peter, Joe Donlon, John Peisher, Tim McDaniel, Laura Picco, Dave Crosby
-    Absent:Mark Kelly, Pat Hooper, Donna Haraty, Mary Marcus, Dave Parmley

Meeting called to order by Father Peter at7:04

Opening Prayer
-    Led by Father Peter

Open Forum
-    None

Financial Statement
-    Presented to the council

-    John made the motion to approve the minutes of the last meeting, dated March 23, 2016.  Second by Joe.  All in favor.  Motion carried by consensus.

Constituency Business / Parish Concerns
-    None

Old Business
-    None

Committee Reports
-    Social MinistryNo report.
-    Finance CouncilNo report.

New Business
-    We received our Catholic Ministries Appeal for this year.  Last year (ended this past May), we were about $19,000 short.  Our new appeal will begin this month until May 2017.  Our new goal is about $53,000.
-    The resources of our parish are getting more and more limited in order to meet the mission of the church.  Our mission is to be a witness to the word of God, to celebrate it in our liturgical and sacramental life, and to offer the service/stewardship to the people in our community as a way of creating a community of faith.  We should be driven by the spirit of the Word to offer service in different ways.  Father Peter emailed the council information to discuss regarding this mission.  It is difficult for one parish alone to make the four marks visible in the parish and community.
-    What are the ways in which we can share resources to neighboring parishes within our diocese and possibly outside our diocese?  Which communities are we comfortable working with, including seminars, training sessions for boosting Christian knowledge, etc.?  When we have Parish Missions, we can extend invitations to Alfred-Almond and Canaseraga and vice-versa.
-    We need to first sit down as a parish and make a ministries assessment according to the four marks to determine how available those areas of ministry are within the parish.  We will need to form a parish ministries assessment committee to determine how to go about reaching parishioners and getting opinions.  If we do the assessment, a survey will go out to all parishioners.
-    All are in agreement that we will put a committee in place.  Dave C., Tim, John, and Joe will form the committee along with Deborah from the office.  Father would like to get this started before the end of the year.
-    Matthew Kelley is booked for 2016 and 2017.  We are on a waiting list for 2017, and we can be pushed to 2018.  Father will look into booking for 2018, preferably March or April.

Date of Next Meeting & Closing Prayer
-    Our next meeting will be October 26th.  Laura will check into the frequency of the meetings and revisit it at our October meeting.

Motion to adjourn by John at 7:37.

Minutes submitted by Laura Picco

Archived Minutes

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