Liturgy Committee

Our Lady of the Valley
Liturgy Committee Meeting
March  8, 2017
    Our Lady of the Valley Liturgy Committee met on Wednesday, March  8, 2017  at St. Ann School Meeting Room with the following members present:    Margie Terry, Bill Bishop,  Noreen Mahoney, Anne Gemmell, Patti Peischer,  Bev Gilbert, Beth Ann Jacobs, Peg Griswold and Bill Loree

1.    Prayer –Chairman Bill Loree led us in an Opening Prayer  @ 7:10 PM

2.    Roll Call – See above.

3.    Approval of February  8, 2017 minutes. By Margie Terry; 2nd by Peggy Griswold.  Motion carried

4.    Ash Wednesday – It was noted that over 600 people attended Mass and received ashes.
5.    Sound System  - John Bartell noted that he and Bill Loree will soon be fine tuning the microphones on the Sound System so hopefully, everyone will hear better.
6.    April 9 – 15 is Holy Week.
7.    Palm Sunday – April 9 – Specifics—Palms –Processions – readers for Passion, etc. Palms have been ordered. Readers for the Passion on Palm Sunday – Beth Ann will get them.  Deacon Bob Highlights the Passion reader’s parts. 

8.    Holy Thursday – April 13-7 PM – Leader-John Bartell – Reader Needed – Three people needed to bring up the Chrism – Washing of the feet – Procession to the Marian Chapel with the Blessed Sacrament – Church open until 11 PM   Holy Thursday – Beth Ann will get Reader but will NOT be getting individuals to bring up the oils from Chrism Mass. Peg Griswold will get individuals to bring up the oils and individuals to get their feet washed.  The Liturgy Committee would like to see a longer, more solemn procession with the Blessed Sacrament throughout body of the church from the Altar to the Marian Chapel. Also, in addition to Father reminding the people to leave the church in silence, have a note placed in the bulletin as another reminder, etc. 

9.    Good Friday – April 14 – 3 PM – Reader and Narrator for the Passion – No leader needed—Crucifix above high altar to be covered all week as well as the large wooden cross on the Epistle side.  St. Mary’s Service at 3 PM with Deacon Bob. Passion readers – Bill Bishop and John Bartell. Beth Ann will get another reader.   A REMINDER TO BILL PIATT – No Cup on Good Friday.

10.    Easter Vigil – April 15- 7 PM—Leader-John Bartell – two (2) readers needed. Holy Saturday Vigil starts at 7 PM. Bill Bishop and Beth Ann Jacobs will be readers.  Peg Griswold has ordered  new cups for the Candles used by the congregation.

11. Easter Sunday – April 16 –usual Mass times at both parishes.  Normal
        Readers/Leaders—Beth Ann will do her best to fill those posts.  Anne Gemmell 
        volunteered to read at the 7 AM Mass Once a Month.

12. Other

13. Father Peter – not present.

14. Next Meeting – May 10

15. Closing Prayer – Bill Loree led us in the Our Father at 8:06 PM

Respectfully submitted,

John R. Bartell, Secretary

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