Location:  St. Ann School meeting room

Time:  7:00 – 8:05 pm


Members present :  Father Pat VanDurme, Beth Jacobs, Joan Coleman, Suzanne Piatt, Marie Patti, Brenda Haley, Sharon Haley, & Charlotte Giglio


  • Fr. Pat reviewed the May 2007 and Fall 2007 GIFT sessions and asked for any feedback received.
  • The dates of the Lenten Mission (sponsored by GIFT and The Liturgy Committee) were reviewed.  They will be Sunday, March 9th through Tuesday, March 11th.  (The theme for the mission will be “”Relationship with Jesus” which ties in with the Diocesan Spiritual Renewal Program.  The theme for this program for the year 08/09 is “Your Personal Relationship with Jesus”.  09/10 will be “Increasing your knowledge of Scripture”; and the theme for 10/11 will be “Stewardship”.)
  • The following will be the topics for each night of our 3-day Lenten Mission (7:00 pm each night at St. Ann Church):

              Sunday, 3/9:  “Mystics Who See God: Finding God Inside Each of Us”.  Fr. Pat will touch upon a few famous quotes by those considered “mystic” and their beliefs that it is possible for all of us to find God within ourselves.  That God is within us, not “out there”.  That is God’s promise to us that he is always with us.

              Monday, 3/10:  “How does this happen...finding God within?”  Both our actions and God’s actions.

              Tuesday, 3/11:  A “Learning Mass” as we all should believe that receiving Eucharist is the point we see God.  Review of what we do and why we do it during our mass/liturgy will be incorporated.

  • Discussion among members followed to help Fr. Pat create “actions” that will take place each night of the Lenten Mission (review of the last parish mission when we wrote on pieces of paper; came forward for “cross pin”).  Fr. Pat has ordered another pin to distribute to those attending this mission; this pin has a cross with a rainbow on it.

              Following was decided upon by Fr. Pat and members present for each night of the mission:

              Day #1, Sunday = “My offering to God....what will I do to open my heart to God?”  Making a personal commitment and connection to God by writing it down on a slip of paper; coming forward to place in basket and receive “rainbow pin”.  Basket of our “offerings” will remain on the altar for the 3 days of the mission.

              Day #2, Monday = “Where does God want me to change?”  Perhaps a visual of the rainbow on the altar; different colors of the rainbow could reflect different positive actions of change for suggestions.

              Day #3, “Recognizing how God is in others.”

  • It was decided that refreshments would be offered in the back of church each night of the mission.  GIFT funds will supply the coffee, water, tea bags, and hot chocolate. 
  • The following members will provide these refreshments each night:  Sharon Haley, veggie tray; Charlotte Giglio and Brenda Haley, cheese/pepperoni/cracker tray; Marie Patti, pizzelles; Suzanne Piatt, chips/dip; Joan Coleman, cookies; Beth Jacobs, breads.
  • Beth will place an announcement in the church bulletin.


Closing Prayer:
 led by Father Pat.


Respectfully Submitted,

Beth Ann Jacobs

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