Finance Committee

April 17, 2013

Present: Fr. Peter, Donna Haraty, Gary Mikolajczyk, Jim Locker, Jim McKeown, Joanne Clark, Sandra Bishop

Absent:  Fran Tucker and Laura Picco

Father Peter opened the meeting with a prayer at 7 PM.

Parish Report:  Donna gave the parish report and went over the monthly statements.  She reported the School Aid Mandated Services reimbursement was $10,000 which was more than the $7,000 that was expected.  Discussions followed.  Explained where all the balance of the school went with an amount still needed to be transferred.  The balance of the Schuster Estate will be sent to St. Bonaventure as requested by the estate and funds remaining in the cafeteria account will be sent to the state.

Investment Recommendation:  Donna recommended that the money be invested with Communis.  Stated that after the meeting they had she felt it was a wise choice.  Gary made a motion that we used Communis.  Seconded by Jim McKeown with a discussion that followed.  Vote was taken inn in favor to have Fr. Peter make the final decision to move the money.

Catholic Charities: Have met with contractors to receive bids on renovations to the office space they want to rent from the school building.  They are still looking at July 2013 to move in.  No lease has been signed at this time.


Sub Committee: Stewardship Committee still working on their mission to motivate parishioners to participate in the parish.  Building and Grounds will meet to update the health of all the parish buildings.

AUDIT:  All citations have been amended except for meeting with the D.O.R.  regarding improving the financial position of the cemetery.

New Business:  Discussion on the convent as the lease is up in July and Sister Susan now alone and will be looking for a smaller place.  They will be leasing one month at a time after July until Sister can relocate.

Open Forum:  Discussion on the parking lot now that the playground is gone.  The parking lot needs repairs and there was question on whether we leave the basketball hoops in place.  The Grounds Committee will evaluate the parking lot.

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