Cemetery Committee



Our Lady of the Valley

Cemetery Committee Meeting 3/7/12


Present were:Mike Murray, Margie Terry, Donna Haraty, Fr. Peter,

Absent. Beth Jacobs, John VanScoter, Carolyn Kelly, Steve DeSanto, Jim Bebout, and Dave Watt


Fr. Peter called the meeting to order at 7:15 pm. With prayer


Donna Haraty reported that we are on the Probation Departments schedule for the following three weekends. They are May 12 & 13, August 25 & 26 and Sept. 15 & 16 for cemetery cleanup.  We are guaranteed these three weekends and maybe a couple weekends in between if their schedule allows.  They will work at both cemeteries starting with St. Ann’s. 


April 1 all lot owners should have winter items cleaned off their lots otherwise they will be thrown out by the cleanup crew.


Mike Murray will check with his Alfred Fraternity on the possibility of them cleaning up the cemeteries the weekend of March 31 and April 1.  Mike will let Donna know if this is a possibility.  Mike also offered to be at cemeteries w/ the fraternity and the probation dept.


Jim Bebout still planning on maintaining St. Mary’s cemetery.

Donna will check with Dave Watt to see if he had any volunteers from the Hibernians.


Fr. Peter plans on talking about the cemeteries the weekend of March 24 & 25.


April 4 will be our next meeting and we will be taking a tour of the cemeteries starting @ 6:00 pm meeting at St. Ann’s Cemetery and concluding the meeting at St. Mary’s


Jim Bebout is in the process of obtaining pricing for signage at the entrance to each of the cemeteries


Fr. Peter and Donna informed the committee that they will be buying a 2012 truck for use at both cemeteries with agreement with parish to pay certain amount to cemetery when parish uses the truck.


Closing prayer @ 8:00


Respectfully submitted,


Margie Terry

Cemetery Committee Minutes

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